Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunshine and Sweet Day

Sunshine, a fellow scrapper came up with this idea of having an online scrap.  Brilliant idea!
Imagine churning out lay outs in the company of others.
Without packing a single scrap bag!

I sometimes over pack.  I end up bringing so many things to a crop I do not use.
I totally love this idea.

Honestly, I would have made more lay outs today.  But I got sidelined reading books.
Based on Challenge #3

Thanks to Secret Santa for lending me the beautiful stamp.  I used pink distress embossing powder on it.  I finally figured out how to use distress embossing powder.  Use the Tim Holtz embossing pad.  Pile on the powder and switch on your heat gun.  But keep your gun at max height.  Do not target the powder directly or it will burn.  Heat the powder in circles.  Pass more than once around, trying not to burn the powder.

I love heat embossing more than any technique.  Stamps are more vibrant and clear.  I love using Ranger Fine Embossing Powder in black.  Awesome!  
Now, I am obsessing over Zing embossing powders.  Sigh.

Not mists.  But used Prang metallic watercolor, and flicked the brush to paper.  Fun rain!

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