Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Toys

  I have outgrown my love for LV,  I think.  I no longer buy $100 shirts.  Chocolate is still my best friend.
  But scrap stuff makes me happy all the time.
  I won this!
  Amazing.  Can't wait to play with them.
  Thank you to Nenette Madero  for being so generous.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I had a great time fixing my scrap tools.  Just out shopping and organizing.
I stopped scrapping!

And so now I am back in the saddle again.
These are lay outs made from Studio Calico County Fair kits.

I love Studio Calico since all you do is grab the kit and go.
I don't need to lug around my huge bag of papers, tools.  Heavy!

But Studio Calico kits are rather expensive.  I just wait for the sale to buy their kits.
And I was so happy that my BFF Katcho brought them to Manila for me.

I just  look at the lay outs made by other members,  scraplift the ones that look doable.
Tweak it a bit.
Call it good.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Embellishments Caddy

Now that most of my tools are pretty much organized,  I chanced upon this plastic carrying case
on sale at SM homeworld for 180 pesos for two. 
So I purchased two,  and piled them on.

Ok, I purchased more than two.  But I am still in the process of filling them up.

Here is what they look like all filled up.
So now, I have my own embellishments buffet  when the urge hits me.
The thing with embellishments is that when they remain unused, they pile up.
The more you see them, the more you use them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Distress Inks

  I bought all 36 Distress inks, with their ink refills.  Most of the ink refills anyway.  
But I do not use them enough.
I added little velcro adhesives in the ink's bottoms so I could attach the corresponding foam.

Yes, I am very organized.  But still the inks remain unused.
We first saw these ink blocks from Karen.
And we fell in love with the idea!

Wood scraps, cut into size.  
Added some foam and velcro to the bottom.
Labelled each wooden block with a Sharpie pen.
And now it is good to go!

Fun idea.  Thanks Karen.
Thanks to Doc Sharon and my dear Hubby for my wooden blocks.
I bought the foam sheets by the meter in Marikina.
And for the velcro, I used the Velcro with the adhesive that can be bought in Daiso.  When I ran out of those, I used the velcro from Divi.
I just used clear glue to adhere everything.
The plastic containers I bought from Saizen and Daiso.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mixed Media

    I try to follow as many blogs as I can.  You learn something new.  And I am always for learning something.
  I read up on the CK blog and got this great idea to copy!  It's an organization tray for mixed media.


  Now, to put the stains here or not?  I need some palette knives and more brushes!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thank you

Thank you.  I have the best of friends!

Sharon's talent:  making beautiful cards.

The key to aging beautifully : Surround yourself with positive and loving people.

From Scraps

I don't usually wake up,  and say that today I am going to make 15 lay outs.
Most of the days,  I am just lazy.
Kindle.  Ipad.  TV, I have enough to occupy my time.

For some reason,  I wanted to play around with my paper scraps.
I have kits of those.

So yay!  Made a tag.  Made a couple of flowers.  Die cut some tags and hearts from DCWV fabric paper.
Thank you Katcho for bringing them home.
Punched some shapes.

Want to see my creative space?                                          

Oh boy!  What a nightmare.
This is the part, I really hate.  
Cleaning up.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Being Ruthless

  I sell a bunch of stuff in Facebook.  I choose stuff that I have not used.  I will no longer see myself using.  If I haven't used it since January, chances will not get used at all.
   Hit the road Jack.
   So these are my go-to stamps.  Do I have more, you bet!  But I see myself, getting so tired of using these stamps,  time to shop some more.

My ink of the moment is Memento.  These give off a crisp image when stamped.  And best of all, it rinses off with water.  No more using stamp cleaners.
If you are lazy like me,  and persnickety when it comes to having 
clean stuff.  Then Memento is the way to go.

Versafine used to be my favourite inks.  There are only 12 of these inks.  Super crisp images when stamped.  But sometimes, difficult to wash off with stamp cleaners.

Brilliance.  I started out with this set of inks.  
Have I used most of the colors?  Probably not.  
These are still moist three years running.
Most useful colors remain to be black, brown, green.  

I do have a bunch of other inks.  Distress inks,  dye inks.  Staz on.
They all have its own purpose.

I had a close friend who was a fellow scrapbooker like me.  When she died,  I stepped up and sold off most of her scrapbook stuff.  She had so much papers, stamps, ink, tools.  Her stuff sold for a fraction of the price.    It was dealing with the volume of her scrapbook stuff that was so off putting.

I know that I have a tendency to  hoard.  So I am trying to trim off my excesses.
Curbing my impulsive buying.  
Being more efficient in using the things that I do have.

Sharon's Kit

For the first time, I actually struggled with a kit.  Sharon gave me a bunch of papers to work with.
 They weren't exactly my fun and happy colors.  
So I just tried to make the best of what was included in the kit.

I stamped with paint on this one.

Used two colors of ink on the same stamp, to create a shadow.

I used grey ink on this lay out.  Sometimes, black is to dark.  Brown seems off.
Like Christian,  Grey is perfect!

I heat embossed the doily stamp with white embossing powders.

Just in time,  I used K & Co lovely die cuts on this lay out.

I love cutting flowers from paper.  You get so much flowers, and just layer them with foam tape.

The flower is actually made from ribbons.  Karen purchased a bunch from the market.

My Birthday Kit

I purchased this tissue box holder a year ago for less than $1.  And I was hoping to have an idea with what to do with it by the time my birthday rolls around,  so that I would have a project.

So for the longest time, I had no idea with what to do with it.  It was a gaudy gold color.  It was gilded.
It was the worst thing ever.

So I put some gesso over it.
Painted it cream.
Painted the roses a soft pink color
And the leaves a pretty green.

Now that it's pretty, there is no stock of it anymore.
Not cool.

So I ended up making two lay outs and this luggage tag.