Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Saturday Lay out

Using Iris Babao-Uy's lay out as a sketch. This Lay out can be
seen at
Since this is the first time, I am doing this. I do not know the protocol yet about using another person's lay out and posting it online. So I want to be sure and cover my bases first.
Meeting Iris, and learning from her has opened up a new style of scrapbooking for me. I used to shun everything romantic, antique in lay outs. And because of her, I notice, that this style is growing on me.

This lay out is called: Butterflies at the wedding
Journalling: We released a hundred butterflies at the wedding. In my family, we believe that a butterfly is a loved one visiting from Beyond. And so by having butterflies at the wedding, it is paying respect to our dearly departed. They may have left us, but we keep them close in our hearts.

I used some DCWV papers I have around. The flowers and the butterflies are from Divi, as well as the Prima Bling. The butterflies are from the Mariposa line. Divi flowers muna tayo, mahal pa si Prima.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The longest lay out ever

I think this by far is the longest time I've spent on an lay out by Iris. Umm, maybe because I slept a bit, and started finishing this when I woke up.
I tried the Iris method of letting the lace steep in some water and acrylic paint. It came out very faint and I didn't like how the lace became green. So I just dry brushed over the lace with some yellow paint. Much better.
I don't have stickles. Instead I used my Prang Metallic Paints, and used Ranger Crackle over the letters.
And I couldn't find twine, and so I used scrapping floss I got from Lasting Impression instead.
It was fun playing along. Sana we always have classes like these which you can do at your own pace. For me, following is always easier.

make your own flowers

Valentines, when flower shops around Manila jack up their prices, you have an alternative: make your own. But I seriously doubt that the Bunny will crack out the scissors and give these a go. This is more of my thing to do.

follow me: using coffee filters

and this one using crafting paper

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Tip

It's Valentines. Well, soon to be. And usually LSS stores give out awesome discounts on that day. So wait for it.
I also signed up online for weekly updates sa Scrapbook Trends. Ay naku, I don't know how I got to the site in the first place. Anyway, you can get their online book for around 250 pesos. Which is not a bad deal considering we get to buy those here for around 500 kung luma and 700 pesos if the issue is current.
They also let you look at the Dec 2009 issue for free, as well as another issue of your choice. Not bad, if you just want to scraplift. This morning, I was thinking of signing up for those follow at your pace classes for $30. But hey, you learn more if you actually do it. So the online books are starting to really look good to me now.
I am starting to store stash up now for the trip to Bellaroca. Scrap stuff, books (I have 20 waiting to be read: joy), and loading up on movies as well. Don't laugh. Kimmy Dora, my bunny was like, whatthe? Well, let's see.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

product of insomnia

There are times when in the middle of the night, my doggies want to step outside and bark at me until I let them out. And sometimes, sleep just doesn't happen immediately right after.
And so, with my scrap stuff beside the bed last night, I was able to make one lay out with the excess products from Cabbie's class. I only added the fabrip from the Studio Calico Anthology, and made it into ripples.

Cabbie's Class

An outline of my hand was drawn over a tissue paper, cut out and painted over with tar gel and some paint. Cherish was decorated with tar gel and beadazzles. The herish was aplied with embossing ink and dusted over with pearl ex.
So my cherished items are: red Ecuadorean roses, my Goyard bag and my banana boat.
For this lay out, we used Medium mixed with paint, and stamped out our titles, using foam stamps. Gold Mica was used to dust the corners. And Gel Medium was used to make our flowers stiff and gave it a sheen. Corrugated board, was used. And layered with pumice stone and white paint. We also punched out the hambly screen using a flower punch, added Gold Mica to it, and used a heat gun to dry out our flowers.
The chipboard was colored black and stamped with embossing ink and dusted over with pearl ex.
FAMILY: the glue that binds us together.
The clouds are mixed pumice medium and paint. The sun is cut from Prima fabric cloth, and painted over with Gold Mica.
Passion: Scrapbooking+ Shopping= Joy

We used clear tar gel and pulled paint using a paper piercer for the title. Beadazzles were used to add bling to the lamp post. And the Corrugated board was painted over using pumice medium with red ink.
My fave places: anywhere with you. And on board.

Cabbie gave me an Antiquing tool for being the first to finish all four lay outs. Hehehe. She didn't have to, but I'm glad she did. Guffaw. So I guess all of my LO's from now on, may antique details. It was so nice of her.
Cabbie and Iris both used the same paint mediums. Cabbie's class has less cutting of papers. The prep work took a bit of time, but the assembly was quite fast. Different Strokes, for different teachers.
Thanks to Mitch for putting up with us. I will cherish the lay outs we did with you. They are truly beautiful.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jo's Great find

Jo pointed out that Great buys can be had at Gourdos. I was able to buy a stack of printed and colored 8x8 papers, 40 pcs. @ 75 pesos. That's super cheap, compared to LSS. This would be great for using on the SLICE. hindi masyado sayang ang papers
I bought a stack of Halloween papers only to find out that they are of the same design. Uckk. Hello, 20 pages of halloween, same paper?
The Legacy Crafter. I use these for storing my templates as well as clear stamps. The MM stamp keeper also fits. One is a gift from Imee. and the other from Bunny.
The Hubby also got me a tags album, some wedding papers and a box was on sale for buy 1 take 1. the Bunny knows na sa paper, tuwa na ako.
thanks Jo!

from divi

If you are not particular about the acid free, lignin free content. Or if you are not DT of anything. Ang sponsor mo lang ay self and the hubby. Then shopping in Divi rocks.
I separated my stickers into animals and by kawaii factor (cuteness).
I was also able to get some felt. glitter tubes for Beth @40 pesos. I wish we could have a Divi buying trip for the group. I can just imagine Sharon and Beth hoarding. LOL.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eye candy

ready for some eye candy from the Winter CHA?
Go to
wow, all of my iwant stuff.

a little girl

See this cute little girl? This is my niece Corinne. She went to Bangkok last week and got me these:

Marvy heat gun. Martha bone folder
Martha and EK food stickers.

Thanks to your mom and daddy for paying for these things. And thanks to yaya Mila for carrying.