Thursday, October 27, 2011

have you seen my?

I have stuff all over the place. So one way I deal with my stuff is to put them into their own suitcase. I have suitcase for Tim Holtz stuff. I ended up buying again those tickets with the sayings on them, because I couldn't find where I placed mine. Sigh. after I bought one, I found the missing one. Grr.
Seriously, I can't keep on buying. It's getting to be costly.

Organized albums. I just buy the ones at National Bookstore. Cheap and at least they all look the same.

Some new lay outs

I made the following from sketches provided by Karen Filipino. Thanks for lending me your work, Karen.
And very excited for this weekend. We are having an all day scrap!

Monday, October 24, 2011

more echo park lay outs

Got a chance to scrap yesterday. Here's what I made.
just finishing up more lay outs from the summer days and country drive paper packs.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to regular programming

I haven't been able to scrap for a week. Been busy playing with the ipad. I have finished ranch rush 2 and the diner dash series. I swear, my eye sight is getting fried playing games.
I made the lay out above and the one below last night. Scrap stuff on the bed, while the hubby is playing the Marlboro golf tourney in Tagaytay.

All lay outs made using the DCWV lemon stack. You can purchase this stack at Memory Lane store. I still have lots of papers to work on.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Circa

finishing up some more lay outs using Circa. No more papers! yay.


I usually scrap first and then add pictures later. So when it comes together. I still get pleasantly surprised it turns out well. Simple joys.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things that go bump at night.

So this is what happens when you wake up at night, after peeing. You scrap! Well, I wasn't sleepy yet and I wanted to play around. Thank goodness for that room outside the bedroom, so I don't bother my hubby while he is still sleeping.
I have limited mobility. So I got this butterfly die cut from my friend Sharon, and misted it inside my trashcan. Buti na lang it's black! hahaha. Or I will have one messy trash can.
I am still working on a bunch of other stuff. Working on a couple of lay outs using the Lemon stack from DCWV. Itching to use some stamps, I have around the house.