Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am so thankful to have friends who are avid scrapbookers like me. Because of each other's support, we are able to fill scrapbooks with beautiful lay outs. From late last year until now, I have filled a couple of scrapbooks already.
One way I have given back is to start our little die cut group. All of us have Sizzix dies, and they all lend their dies to me. In turn, I give them back chip board die cuts of dies they do not have yet. Everyone who is in our group is just tickled pink with the amount of die cuts they receive.
I am thinking of how to expand this idea to people outside our group. But I have not thought of a working idea yet. For one thing, cutting dies for people in our group is exhausting. I think I spend around three afternoons doing this. Well, for sure it will be another while before I do something as fun as this again.
Aside from die cutting, I have also borrowed stamps from a friend. Her Hero Art stamps are simply amazing. Now I get the point why she loves them so much. Borrowing stamps has made me creative in using them. Since I don't want naman to make baboy the stamps, at first I used a lot of embossing powder. And then when I started getting bored with that, I had to think of a way I can use ink without dirtying up the wood part.
A simple solution I discovered is this: dab petroleum jelly on the wood part. Condition the rubber stamp by first cleaning it in stamp cleaner. Next I used Tim Holtz distress inks. And to thoroughly clean them, I use a toothbrush and some powder soap and clean both the rubber and wood part.
Ta Dah!

So very handsome and hongkong are both scraplifted from Master Iris.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

CC Circa

Karen and I were able to finish like 4 lay outs a piece last Wed. We swapped lay outs so we can do them at home. I was able to scrap lift her two. More to come.

Been busy

Very Happy to tell you that our group has been so busy scrap shopping! Haha.
No really, we've been busy making lay outs out of the new arrivals. So instead of keeping them, we use them immediately, so para hindi na madagdagan ang stash.
But with the amount of stuff we have been buying lately, I would have to say it just comes out even.

Using scraps of Echo park's life is good and a Walk in the park.

As for embelishments, I am trying out something new. I pack a basket of embelishments and try to use them on a page. Do I need ribbons, die cuts, felt? That sort of thing. It makes my lay outs puno, and I end up using my stocks.