Friday, September 21, 2012


  I get stumped too.  Sometimes, all I am drawing is a blank.  So what do I do?
  I reach for a paper punch. Start from there.
  Layer on mists,  and pile on different embellishments.
  I borrowed this cool birds on a wire Sizzix die from a friend.    I die cut them, and ended up with white white birds.  I sat on the idea for a couple of weeks.  I truly did not know what I would do with it.  I really don't like coloring with markers.  I think using markers, takes up a lot of time.  I am not a very patient person.  So no,  I did not even bother purchasing distress markers.
  I do however, like to play around with inktense and Prang water colors.  And so it clicked.  I colored the birds with water colors.  Totally loved the metallic shiny effect.
  Birds on a wire, now available at Memory Lane store.  Please do take advantage of the awesome online Hero Arts sale.  Some stamps are at 40% off.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reverse Swap

I received a beautiful mini album from Jeanie Nieva dela Rama.  I'll take pics later on.
But I was so in awe of her talent.  And was thanking her effusively.  She suggested that I make her a recipient of a mini album I will make.

Ok.  I  finished the mini album in two days.
One day to make the album.  
And the next day to paper the album and put embellishments.
Afterwards, I was so tired.  I probably won't push myself to do this craziness ever again.

I just hope that  there is a magic wand hand out there, so I can wave it about and it will clean up my scrap space after.  

My limitation for this mini album is to work with the stuff I have around the house.  I cannot go and buy anything for this album.  And  you know what?  I successfully finished without buying a single thing.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make Your Own

It all started when I lost my non-stick craft mat.  
I don't know if someone got it.  Or I lost it in a class.
Totally sucked.  So I bought a replacement.
Got a 6x6 version which I know I am the only one who has.
And I also got this EK one.
Tip:  do not remove the plastic cover.
This way, I do not have to clean it.  I just wipe over it with a rag.
Now I even use it for distressing.  So this is now my working surface.

I got this ebook for Ella publishing about stamping secrets.  Learned creative stamping.
So I used shipping tags.  It's easy to stamp, and just later on just add them to a lay out.

Used this beautiful stamp, and used different colored embossing powders.  I cut around the stamp.

I used the felt flower from American Crafts.  A lot of people have been asking about the felt flower.

and so I made my own.  Used felt purchased from Divi and sewed on buttons.  Used sizzix dies to cut the felt.  Had a very crafty week end.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Day Wednesday

Still playing along with Echo Park's Sweet Day.
May I just say, wow!  I truly love the soft and muted colors.

The air balloon is American Crafts which I have had forever.
But  I just got around using, because I've been cleaning my embellishments.

Loving my Secret Santa's huge doily stamp from Stampin' Up.
I use different colored embossing powders with the stamp.
Beautiful stamp, fine details.  Lovely colors.

I said in a previous post that I have made my peace with Ranger Distress Embossing powders.
Darn it!  No.  It's still hit and miss for me.
And I am humble enough to admit that I still have not perfected the technique yet.
And so, with this admission of defeat.
I am moving on to:  
drum roll please.....
Zing powders!!!!

And now I have a zing powder doily in yellow.
I am now obsessing about Zing, and got all the pastel colors.
My simple joy.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My Mini Album for Tin

We had this amazing swap in Pinoyscrapbookers.  
Each one of us makes a mini album.
We only post the cover and an inside page.
And then we each pick a mini album.
It was like a feeding frenzy during shark week.
Albums were being snapped up so fast.
It was so hard to pick and claim one.

Anyway, here is my album.
It was picked by Tin Yao.
Thanks to Karen for teaching us how to make the mini album.


  I've been looking for pearls to use as centers for my paper flowers.  Lookit!  I found some in the 20 pesos store.  Awesome.  4 of these roughly comes out to $2.  Great bargain.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunshine and Sweet Day

Sunshine, a fellow scrapper came up with this idea of having an online scrap.  Brilliant idea!
Imagine churning out lay outs in the company of others.
Without packing a single scrap bag!

I sometimes over pack.  I end up bringing so many things to a crop I do not use.
I totally love this idea.

Honestly, I would have made more lay outs today.  But I got sidelined reading books.
Based on Challenge #3

Thanks to Secret Santa for lending me the beautiful stamp.  I used pink distress embossing powder on it.  I finally figured out how to use distress embossing powder.  Use the Tim Holtz embossing pad.  Pile on the powder and switch on your heat gun.  But keep your gun at max height.  Do not target the powder directly or it will burn.  Heat the powder in circles.  Pass more than once around, trying not to burn the powder.

I love heat embossing more than any technique.  Stamps are more vibrant and clear.  I love using Ranger Fine Embossing Powder in black.  Awesome!  
Now, I am obsessing over Zing embossing powders.  Sigh.

Not mists.  But used Prang metallic watercolor, and flicked the brush to paper.  Fun rain!