Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make Your Own

It all started when I lost my non-stick craft mat.  
I don't know if someone got it.  Or I lost it in a class.
Totally sucked.  So I bought a replacement.
Got a 6x6 version which I know I am the only one who has.
And I also got this EK one.
Tip:  do not remove the plastic cover.
This way, I do not have to clean it.  I just wipe over it with a rag.
Now I even use it for distressing.  So this is now my working surface.

I got this ebook for Ella publishing about stamping secrets.  Learned creative stamping.
So I used shipping tags.  It's easy to stamp, and just later on just add them to a lay out.

Used this beautiful stamp, and used different colored embossing powders.  I cut around the stamp.

I used the felt flower from American Crafts.  A lot of people have been asking about the felt flower.

and so I made my own.  Used felt purchased from Divi and sewed on buttons.  Used sizzix dies to cut the felt.  Had a very crafty week end.

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