Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday's Crop

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother leaving the house. I get twice as much work donw scrapping in the house. My parents don't worry about my whereabouts. I have food and I have the company of my dogs.
But one a day a week, I need a break from every day life. I eat unhealthy food. Fried with iced tea. Sometimes veggies, that's my quota for the week. You catch up on gossip. You catch up on what's new. Pretty soon, you look forward to that promising day once a week.
So this Saturday, I made more new friends. Scrapped some and these are what we made. Iris' Mykonos lay out.

and this fairly recent Emma's lay out.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Circle Cutters

My friends swear by the cutterbee circle cutter. I don't have that. I am quite happy with the Hot off the Press Circle template and the Martha circle cutter. But I don't use the cutter attachment. I usually trace with with my pencil and cut with my scissors. Works for me. I have purchased the fiskars circle cutter and the Making Memories circle cutter as well. But I kind of lean toward my circles system.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Corner of the Sky

I still remember Corner of the Sky, the song my gradeschool teacher Miss Mamaril taught us to sing. Every thing has its season, every thing has its time. Gotta find that corner of the sky.
I have been running out of space to scrap in. My upstairs desk is full of stuff to sell on ebay. My downstairs table is also full of scrap stuff. The 10 seater table is just good enough to seat 2. Malapit na kami katukin ng tv show hoarder. Ick.
But never fret folks. I now found a new spot to scrapbook in. The bed. My hubby arrives home late. So by the time he comes home, I have already made lay outs, watched tv, cleaned up my mess and ready to go to bed.
left over from an Iris kit. Ages ago.
based on a lay out by Vivian.
Oh Joy! I found a paper pack of old Cosmo Cricket papers and used them. Based on sketches.

Much more productive now. Now I don't have to drag all my papers and punches to the store. Since today is scrap Wednesday. I was able to make more Country Drive/ lay outs. Will be able to load em up on Saturday, when I get them back.

Monday, September 19, 2011


My hands down favorite Tonic Scissors. It cuts chipboard like butter. It doesn't hurt my hands with prolonged cutting.
Cutter bee scissors are sharp! They can cut thru any tight spot, and very small details. My second favourite scissors.
The huge Fiskars scissors, I use this for cutting fabric.

And Fiskars spring tip scissors. I would probably use this more if I am not so gung-ho about the Tonic one.
So there you have it. Who knew that even in scissors there would be favoritism?

Projects for Memory Lane

Thanks to Helen for the papers! These are either sheets of papers with just borders in them or the ones that come in the ATC card form.
from Echo Park Merry Christmas collection.
from the Echo Park Christmas papers by Bella Road. Love the soft and fresh colors.

Lay out using Doodlebug papers.

Papers available at Memorylane store.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My heartfelt thanks to Studio Azul and Visual Creations for this awesome Maya Road The Sweetest Day Shadow Box Kit. My prize for most lay outs created during Scrap Lauriat! Beautiful project!

Lay Outs from last Saturday

Bonus Lay out from Ria Mojica using Bella Blvd. papers and she even let us borrow the punches used in this lay out.

Lay out from April. Karen Filipino was so kind enough to make me this postcard punch frame! We just borrowed the punch from Viv.
Lay Out from Ria. Love that huge scallop border punch!
lay outs from April.

lay out from Ria. Notice the twine action on the sun.

lay out from April.

Don't you just love papers from Echo Park? The colors are cool to the eyes, and they make your pictures so mabango!

Fun Fun Saturday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scrap Lauriat

some of my favorite lay outs from Scrap Lauriat. I finished 42 lay outs beating my last year's record of 20+ So yay!
My prize for most number of lay outs was a Maya Road project. I've already finished it, I just need to take a pic na lang.

Our table won most number of lay outs created. We each won a fiskars punch each. Thanks to Mitch and Tin for the awesome prizes.
I had to be a dictator and tell the rest of the table to keep it simple, finish more lay outs. Just finish at home.
I skipped on merienda, broke out the chips and the chocolate for extra fuel.

this is scraplifted from Ria.