Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In three's

A friend and I have been discussing that our lay output this year has been in the low 60's.  I used to top the 200 list the previous years.  So what happened?

I've been travelling less.  Less travels, Less pictures to scrap about.

Papers are all starting to look the same.

So in the spirit of creating more,  I've started scrapping in three's again.

Every Wednesday,  I make 3 lay outs.  

Let's start with that.

Friday, October 4, 2013


  A big smile out, now live at the Filipino Scrapbookers site.   Challenge #32.
  I purchased a rim of the blue paper which I used as a base.  I am having a lot of fun using that paper.  Pretty to boot.
  I used some K & Co embellishments,  which you can buy in a pack.  I love the nature theme.  Very classic.
  I happily finished my lay out requirements and cards way ahead of schedule.  Up to March of next year, in fact.  So now I have no cloud of pending work hanging over my head.  I can freestyle lay outs. yay!