Friday, August 28, 2009

August Crop

Once a month, on the last Thursday of the Month, a group of us, converge at the condo of Sharon.
We all share the same passion for good food, scrapping, and the gift of gab.
So on this Thursday, I was the designated chieftain of the group. I made kits for the group made of canvas, chipboard, fabric flowers, and a bunch more.
I showed like 6 techniques before I gave up. It was tiring, we didn't have materials, and I got tamad.
So here are some of the things we did:

We painted on some Prima paintable paper using Prang water colors and an aqua brush.

Just to interrupt, because the photos popped up here:

Imee gave me some cutters, MM-like paper clips, and a kit for making washi rocks.
How cool is that?

Sharon got me this card organizer. So that the cards I made are organized by occasion. No more dumping cards into the big abyss of a drawer.

Jeannie got me two leather handled albums.
Betchay gave me some awesome rub ons and a mini album!
It's a surreal feeling to have friends who scrap.
Best gift of all. BFF Katching, sending my BBox of scrapping goodies.

And this is what we produced:
A canvas lay out.
The tree is made of chipboard and felt, using a sizzix die cutter.
Rick rack leaves and buttons for apples.
The dirt is made of Claudine Helmuth gesso, textured with a nail, and brushed with Pearl EX
Our picture is actually transfered on a piece of canvas using some Medium.

the chipboard house is handcut, as well as the bird. We were supposed to have the crop on the first week of August, and I was so harassed to finish the kit! The clouds are handpainted using some Prang watercolors, over some acrylic paint.
another canvas lay-out I did while passing time.
For our merienda, I brought some Chap-Chae, Cuapao, Brojas and Kinkies. Karen brought some Pancit Malabon. It's funny how we get so busy scrapping, but once you break out the plates, we stop whatever we are doing and head on to the buffet table. Food first!
I'll try to ask the others to put up pictures of their LO's and will try to link it up.

In Manila, Prima Paintables are available at
and Claudine Helmuth gesso is available at

and to know where I learned these techniques just follow the link to studio calico:

Monday, August 3, 2009


some flowers, paints, beads,glitters, glitter glues
basket for my cams,honeymoon pic

wood stamps, IB stamps, glues
kits papers, solo papers, albums, pic

punches, scissors, junk bag, tool kit
inks my P17 peso solution to height. I put sturdy plastic pots to support my kiddie bin. I just got 4 of them. They don't have those bed risers that you buy in the States to elevate kiddie beds.

my 1300 peso solution to my important junk. I got this at Handyman. It's really for kids' toys. But I am a kid at heart. My stuff is segregated to hold: chipboard, felt, brads, buttons and ilk., my coloring stuff, ephemera, journaling stuff, templates, clear stamps, mediums, and pens.

the best thing about my kiddie bin is that, I take off the pots, and the whole drawer hides under my desk.
I am getting another tray sorter for my tools, but I'm waiting for the stuff ordered online to trickle in. So that way I know I won't guesstimate if I get the big or a smaller tool storage solution.
My wooden cabinet costs something like 1900 pesos at Makro, which is a bargain compared to what I paid for my bookshelf at the local Costco.
My desk is plastic. I just covered it up with some Lesportsac fabric I got at Divi.
I got this antique pastry holder from the dining room, to hold my ink pads.
This room is a mess. I scrap here, do my internet thing here, this room has our clothes in it.
So that's my feeling-Ikea solution to managing my scrap stuff.