Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beth's Fabric Album

Prepare to be amazed. This is Beth's fabric album, she started making this in a class with Iris.
Tons of pictures, lots of technique.

A Class with Iris

see here? may mini factory na ako for embelishments

I first fell in love with Iris' work, when I saw the fabric album of Beth. And then I figured that any class is definitely worth it, basta she's the one teaching.
I was out of town, when i got text messages that there was a class with Iris.
I got home and the classes were already filled up. I just kept in constant touch with Mich, the owner. And she would text me if there was still space available for participants.
And as luck would have it, I got a seat in her class.
I was so happy to be there.
While in the class, I was thinking na whew, what a lot of work needs to be done. If you know me by now, you would know that I work fast. Yes, the speed of light with jalapeno peppers coursing thru my veins.
We were asked to cut a whole tree/ bush by hand. I was just looking at it, I was already getting tired. But I sucked it up, and proceeded to cut. And heto na, this is what the output looks like.

Each one a work of art. A work of love.
This is definitely a class I am thankful to have attended.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Please explain. We only did a coaster mini book using Christmas papers. And now, I can't stop buying those cute cute Christmas papers! The horror. First, it was the Cosmo Cricket, and I am just waiting for Vivian's Very Merry October Afternoon. And now, si Eskimo kisses naman. Sigh.
And I'm pretty sure the next bug that's going to hit me is the Valentine's line naman.
The Bunny and I went to 168. Na shock ako. They were selling Prima blings there 3 for 100. And I got a bunch of puffy stickers for 20-25 bucks.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guess where?

Rub ons are 11 pesos each. Not shown, but Vellum stickers are 27 pesos.

Templates are 18 pesos each.
And the 6 bottles of paint: 415 pesos. Great deal considering they are big bottles of metallic paint.

They also have albums there, but I resisted. I have so much already. They are selling those for 360 pesos. I got a book for 140 pesos. They have vintage style fonts pwede for Mac for my old laptop.
They also have cardstock. 10 pcs. for 50 pesos. Not bad, but the only shades remaining are grey and cream. Perfect wedding colors.
Shopping tayo? My husband said, you brought me here kasi may scrapbook shopping ano? Well, the girls went last December pa. So lucky me, may remnants pa natira.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Home on the Range

Well howdy there pardner. Look what the cows dragged home. It's a lay-out from a day at Natividad farm in Cavite.
Thank you to our gracious host/tour guide Ed Fajardo, for welcoming us into his version of paradise.
So that's me among the Lettuce. I used the October Afternoon farm fresh papers. The pictures came first, and I had to wait like a couple of weeks before I was able to buy the coordinating papers. Nice. Simple and easy to make.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slice Cards

I am very forgetful. As in I totally blank out on where I put stuff. Staff know better than to bother me with car keys. Because later on, they would have to search for them. So they have it on hand for when I ask for them.
This is the reason why I am OC about organizing my stuff. If I don't get organized. I lose things, and I would have to buy again.
The Bunny and I went to CDR King, and this is what I got for 50 pesos. A cheap way to organize my slice cards. Cool. Now I don't have to buy na the Slice card album storage.
Big sigh of relief.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Title: Secret Recipe
Journaling: Cooking on TV
Ingredients: 1 cup prayer, 1/2 tsp. Nervousness, 1/4 tsp. trepidation, mix with 1/2 Tbsp. Forgetting my lines and a dash of relief

Procedure: Add all Ingredients. Take a deep breath. And Smile!

Paper used: Basic Grey Nook and Pantry Line.

mystery box

assorted Maya road boxes filled with chipboard, felt, acrylic and metal embelishments

I ordered a mystery box from Maya Road and this is what I got. 4 chipboard albums

4 packages of assorted ribbons and 1 spool of sequins and a spool or die cut ribbon

So if you ask me if it was worth it? Nope. I don't think so.