Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guess where?

Rub ons are 11 pesos each. Not shown, but Vellum stickers are 27 pesos.

Templates are 18 pesos each.
And the 6 bottles of paint: 415 pesos. Great deal considering they are big bottles of metallic paint.

They also have albums there, but I resisted. I have so much already. They are selling those for 360 pesos. I got a book for 140 pesos. They have vintage style fonts pwede for Mac for my old laptop.
They also have cardstock. 10 pcs. for 50 pesos. Not bad, but the only shades remaining are grey and cream. Perfect wedding colors.
Shopping tayo? My husband said, you brought me here kasi may scrapbook shopping ano? Well, the girls went last December pa. So lucky me, may remnants pa natira.


  1. Hi Bessie,

    You are such an idol. Not only do you scrap fast but you shop with equal speed, if not greater. And where do you get those great cheap stuff? Cant help but salivate :)

  2. eeeekkkkk bessie!!! saan ito!!!!