Friday, October 4, 2013


  A big smile out, now live at the Filipino Scrapbookers site.   Challenge #32.
  I purchased a rim of the blue paper which I used as a base.  I am having a lot of fun using that paper.  Pretty to boot.
  I used some K & Co embellishments,  which you can buy in a pack.  I love the nature theme.  Very classic.
  I happily finished my lay out requirements and cards way ahead of schedule.  Up to March of next year, in fact.  So now I have no cloud of pending work hanging over my head.  I can freestyle lay outs. yay!

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  1. Hi, Bessie!

    Just saying thank you for being part of the original team of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog.

    I guess we all never say eye-to-eye in terms of each of the design team duties no matter how general or generic the design team duties are.

    I know the typical Filipina would have normal to hectic family and filial dutires unlike my other teams abroad. But I guess, they proved me wrong, they even have more hectic schedule and are more hands on in everything and still manage to do their daily design team duties anywhere in the world.

    I bow to them with their dedication. And i bow to you for being active in the local scrapping industry here in the Philippines.

    You may have a heavy heart hosting fundraising for our countrymen with the help of your talents. But i know Lasting Impressions and your regular group there do love you.

    Thank you for pushing and pushing me to work everything at the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog. Now, I'm poofed and tired to the maximum energy spent for everyone. Taking my time to rest and re-adjust my waking and sleeping schedule as well to be physically alive again and not just online.

    Much respect to you and your family. Good luck and more power to you and your groups!