Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Corner of the Sky

I still remember Corner of the Sky, the song my gradeschool teacher Miss Mamaril taught us to sing. Every thing has its season, every thing has its time. Gotta find that corner of the sky.
I have been running out of space to scrap in. My upstairs desk is full of stuff to sell on ebay. My downstairs table is also full of scrap stuff. The 10 seater table is just good enough to seat 2. Malapit na kami katukin ng tv show hoarder. Ick.
But never fret folks. I now found a new spot to scrapbook in. The bed. My hubby arrives home late. So by the time he comes home, I have already made lay outs, watched tv, cleaned up my mess and ready to go to bed.
left over from an Iris kit. Ages ago.
based on a lay out by Vivian.
Oh Joy! I found a paper pack of old Cosmo Cricket papers and used them. Based on sketches.

Much more productive now. Now I don't have to drag all my papers and punches to the store. Since today is scrap Wednesday. I was able to make more Country Drive/ lay outs. Will be able to load em up on Saturday, when I get them back.

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