Friday, September 9, 2011

Paper Trimmers

Yes, may sanib ako ng paper trimmer. You see, I have to purchase most of them so i can tell you if it's any good. So please, learn from my mistakes.

The Provo is a great paper trimmer for beginners.
Pros: Great starter price too.
Con: The blade gets dull quickly. Perfect if you want the distressed or feathery look.

The Purple cows. I have two of these.
Very sharp. But not very portable. I mostly leave them on the table. After 2 years, my often used guillotine is starting to dull!! Arghhh! Disaster.
Fiskars rotary black paper trimmer donated to my hubby's office because it is the same as the one below.
The Fiskars Rock Paper Trimmer. Rotary Paper Trimmer with the added bonus of speakers for my Ipod. Yup, but who has time to go fetch the ipod, when I am already scrapping?

The Carl Craft personal trimmer. I like this, this is very light weight and portable. But I don't like it, because I got the Japanese version. No inches, only in cm. And for some reason, the cut is not straight.

Tonic personal paper trimmer. Very sharp. But with the amount of paper I cut, on average maybe 1 replacement blade every 1 - 1.5 months. This, I leave inside my scrap bag. Great for when I don't want to deal with the bulk of the purple cows.

So which one is your favorite?

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