Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reverse Swap

I received a beautiful mini album from Jeanie Nieva dela Rama.  I'll take pics later on.
But I was so in awe of her talent.  And was thanking her effusively.  She suggested that I make her a recipient of a mini album I will make.

Ok.  I  finished the mini album in two days.
One day to make the album.  
And the next day to paper the album and put embellishments.
Afterwards, I was so tired.  I probably won't push myself to do this craziness ever again.

I just hope that  there is a magic wand hand out there, so I can wave it about and it will clean up my scrap space after.  

My limitation for this mini album is to work with the stuff I have around the house.  I cannot go and buy anything for this album.  And  you know what?  I successfully finished without buying a single thing.

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