Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cabbie's Class

An outline of my hand was drawn over a tissue paper, cut out and painted over with tar gel and some paint. Cherish was decorated with tar gel and beadazzles. The herish was aplied with embossing ink and dusted over with pearl ex.
So my cherished items are: red Ecuadorean roses, my Goyard bag and my banana boat.
For this lay out, we used Medium mixed with paint, and stamped out our titles, using foam stamps. Gold Mica was used to dust the corners. And Gel Medium was used to make our flowers stiff and gave it a sheen. Corrugated board, was used. And layered with pumice stone and white paint. We also punched out the hambly screen using a flower punch, added Gold Mica to it, and used a heat gun to dry out our flowers.
The chipboard was colored black and stamped with embossing ink and dusted over with pearl ex.
FAMILY: the glue that binds us together.
The clouds are mixed pumice medium and paint. The sun is cut from Prima fabric cloth, and painted over with Gold Mica.
Passion: Scrapbooking+ Shopping= Joy

We used clear tar gel and pulled paint using a paper piercer for the title. Beadazzles were used to add bling to the lamp post. And the Corrugated board was painted over using pumice medium with red ink.
My fave places: anywhere with you. And on board.

Cabbie gave me an Antiquing tool for being the first to finish all four lay outs. Hehehe. She didn't have to, but I'm glad she did. Guffaw. So I guess all of my LO's from now on, may antique details. It was so nice of her.
Cabbie and Iris both used the same paint mediums. Cabbie's class has less cutting of papers. The prep work took a bit of time, but the assembly was quite fast. Different Strokes, for different teachers.
Thanks to Mitch for putting up with us. I will cherish the lay outs we did with you. They are truly beautiful.

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  1. thank you bessie for posting the layouts!!! im so proud of you for your works of art!!