Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jo's Great find

Jo pointed out that Great buys can be had at Gourdos. I was able to buy a stack of printed and colored 8x8 papers, 40 pcs. @ 75 pesos. That's super cheap, compared to LSS. This would be great for using on the SLICE. hindi masyado sayang ang papers
I bought a stack of Halloween papers only to find out that they are of the same design. Uckk. Hello, 20 pages of halloween, same paper?
The Legacy Crafter. I use these for storing my templates as well as clear stamps. The MM stamp keeper also fits. One is a gift from Imee. and the other from Bunny.
The Hubby also got me a tags album, some wedding papers and a box was on sale for buy 1 take 1. the Bunny knows na sa paper, tuwa na ako.
thanks Jo!

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