Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Tip

It's Valentines. Well, soon to be. And usually LSS stores give out awesome discounts on that day. So wait for it.
I also signed up online for weekly updates sa Scrapbook Trends. Ay naku, I don't know how I got to the site in the first place. Anyway, you can get their online book for around 250 pesos. Which is not a bad deal considering we get to buy those here for around 500 kung luma and 700 pesos if the issue is current.
They also let you look at the Dec 2009 issue for free, as well as another issue of your choice. Not bad, if you just want to scraplift. This morning, I was thinking of signing up for those follow at your pace classes for $30. But hey, you learn more if you actually do it. So the online books are starting to really look good to me now.
I am starting to store stash up now for the trip to Bellaroca. Scrap stuff, books (I have 20 waiting to be read: joy), and loading up on movies as well. Don't laugh. Kimmy Dora, my bunny was like, whatthe? Well, let's see.

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