Monday, February 8, 2010

The longest lay out ever

I think this by far is the longest time I've spent on an lay out by Iris. Umm, maybe because I slept a bit, and started finishing this when I woke up.
I tried the Iris method of letting the lace steep in some water and acrylic paint. It came out very faint and I didn't like how the lace became green. So I just dry brushed over the lace with some yellow paint. Much better.
I don't have stickles. Instead I used my Prang Metallic Paints, and used Ranger Crackle over the letters.
And I couldn't find twine, and so I used scrapping floss I got from Lasting Impression instead.
It was fun playing along. Sana we always have classes like these which you can do at your own pace. For me, following is always easier.

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