Monday, August 13, 2012

Being Ruthless

  I sell a bunch of stuff in Facebook.  I choose stuff that I have not used.  I will no longer see myself using.  If I haven't used it since January, chances will not get used at all.
   Hit the road Jack.
   So these are my go-to stamps.  Do I have more, you bet!  But I see myself, getting so tired of using these stamps,  time to shop some more.

My ink of the moment is Memento.  These give off a crisp image when stamped.  And best of all, it rinses off with water.  No more using stamp cleaners.
If you are lazy like me,  and persnickety when it comes to having 
clean stuff.  Then Memento is the way to go.

Versafine used to be my favourite inks.  There are only 12 of these inks.  Super crisp images when stamped.  But sometimes, difficult to wash off with stamp cleaners.

Brilliance.  I started out with this set of inks.  
Have I used most of the colors?  Probably not.  
These are still moist three years running.
Most useful colors remain to be black, brown, green.  

I do have a bunch of other inks.  Distress inks,  dye inks.  Staz on.
They all have its own purpose.

I had a close friend who was a fellow scrapbooker like me.  When she died,  I stepped up and sold off most of her scrapbook stuff.  She had so much papers, stamps, ink, tools.  Her stuff sold for a fraction of the price.    It was dealing with the volume of her scrapbook stuff that was so off putting.

I know that I have a tendency to  hoard.  So I am trying to trim off my excesses.
Curbing my impulsive buying.  
Being more efficient in using the things that I do have.

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