Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Distress Inks

  I bought all 36 Distress inks, with their ink refills.  Most of the ink refills anyway.  
But I do not use them enough.
I added little velcro adhesives in the ink's bottoms so I could attach the corresponding foam.

Yes, I am very organized.  But still the inks remain unused.
We first saw these ink blocks from Karen.
And we fell in love with the idea!

Wood scraps, cut into size.  
Added some foam and velcro to the bottom.
Labelled each wooden block with a Sharpie pen.
And now it is good to go!

Fun idea.  Thanks Karen.
Thanks to Doc Sharon and my dear Hubby for my wooden blocks.
I bought the foam sheets by the meter in Marikina.
And for the velcro, I used the Velcro with the adhesive that can be bought in Daiso.  When I ran out of those, I used the velcro from Divi.
I just used clear glue to adhere everything.
The plastic containers I bought from Saizen and Daiso.

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