Sunday, September 12, 2010

dusty attic

I got my orders from Joanne Yap, and I got the other chipboards as well. I am helping her to sell them. I do not profit from this ha. I will leave these at Vivian's place by Wed.
Aside from chipboard, there is also opal dust, gold dust(260 each) and double sided tape(220 each). Just text me for your orders.
fancy trim 2 215.18 pesos

French Flourish border 142.10 pesos

ornate fence 207.06 pesos
ornate corner2 142.10 pesos
decorative gate 227.36
french flourish2 142.10
dress form 175 pesos
ewan 142.10
chicken wire 121.80
twigs 127.89
skeleton clock face 12x 12 size 447 pesos

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