Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cosmo Cri-kits

I've always loved kits. I used to get Studio Calico kits, and those were fun. Everything you need from paper, stamps, and embelishments can be found in that magical kit.
So when Lasting Impression started selling these kits, I jumped at the chance. The design team already had lay outs you can follow. I finished 20 lay outs so far, with two in the works. I think, you can probably make more than 2o, which I plan to do. To clarify, I purchased 2 kits from Vivian. I just wanted to post these ones first and the rest to follow.
Some of these lay outs, you will need kraft paper, I just used plain white paper. Since I am a cheap person, I just used the back sides of paper I do not like, instead of purchasing white paper pa. You will also need yellow paper, I used the egg yolk paper, since these are the ones, I do have.
The lace on lay out number 1, I purchased for 20 pesos a yard, versus the 250 per yard lace, they purchased from Carolina's.
You are supposed to ink the edges, I did not do so, since it would mean that I would have to look pa for my ink pads.
I wish to apologize in advance since there are pictures that I forgot to crop. Medyo messy yung table ko. Well, always naman.

number 1 The Story of US
Number 2 I Love You
Number 3 Cherish
Number 4 Best Friends
Number 5 Happily Ever After
Number 6 Chillin'
Number 7 Earth Love
Number 8 Camel Ride
Number 9 Smile
Number 10 Travel
Number 11 Braids
Number 12 Handful of Birds
Number 13 Airport Lounge
Number 14 Time for a Break In the Boutique hotel in Tagaytay.
Number 14 is the exact same lay out as number 13. Karen reminded me that I am missing two more lay outs by Maybs. I knew I've already done it, but I couldn't find them. So when I was finished with the lay outs, biglang, I found the missing ones.

Number 15 High School in Japan.

number 16 Big Smiles
number 17 Pucker Up
Number 18 Forever Love
Number 19 Romance
number 20 A Day in my Life

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