Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a sassafrass mini book with flowers

I learned to make this mini book while surfing the sassafras lass blog. It's quite easy. 5 pages of 4 x4 scraps. tabs. and for the binding 12 x 4 score every inch. And for the small binding cover 4 x 3 inches. those are the basics just figure out the directions, or go to their blog.
When I was done with this, I didn't know what to do with it. To small to make into a mini book/ or photo album. And a couple of days later, I was blog hopping and saw a book of flower techniques. Perfect for my mini book.
And here we go. Layered lollipop flowers. With accordion flowers, make sure to run the edge with a decorative punch.
fiskar roses and a cicle flower
a flower made of 1" circle puncher, and a scalloped punch.
Also made with a 1" circle punch.
The web is chest of ideas. All you have to do is make them, and you retain the information better. It is quite a different thing to say you know how to make it, and quite another to say you've actually done it. aja!

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