Friday, December 18, 2009

thrift stores

I got into Japanese thrift stores because of my mom. She got these sushi boats, for her dinner parties. And then came the plates, the huge silver platters. And pretty soon, she has her own shelves to store her stuff. And so now our gazebo, is technically a Japanese ukay-ukay.
I still go because it's fun.
I go to a couple. One is in on the way to Montalban, from Marikina. Ugh. Don't ask me the road. I can describe it to you. My marker is that the store is beside a sari-sari store, right before a stop light. Oh di ba vague? I'll pay better attention next time and post it.
And the other one in is Kalookan. It's called Japanese home or something. Again, I promise to take notes the next time.
These are totally not glam spots. There's alikabok, you will end up with dusty fingers. And hey, you might even need to take allergy meds.
There is this thrift store in Kalookan called Home Station. It's in a building called Araneta square. I think it's on the third floor, it should be on the same floor as the dvd's. I got a huge bunch of these coasters, which we turned into a Christmas mini album.

See this? The Making Memories Distress kit? Naku nagtipid na sila! It used to be a metal case enclosing everything, now it's just chipboard.

I got this shelf for 100 pesos and the metal buckets for 20 pesos each. I'm happier now.

And downstairs there is a new store that opened. It's called Korean home, most products are 55 pesos and 77 pesos. I got my files for distressing there at 35 pesos and my brayer for 77 pesos. Well it's actually a lint brush but not when I'm done with it. I just need some adhesive and rubber matting. Knowing how I spend money, I need to find corners I can cut.

I was finally able to get my brayer in Deovir for 295 pesos. Deovir is at 3rd floor SM north Edsa. The lint brush is now with my Hubby Bunny.

I was thinking that this would be an awesome project for the group. This is a canvas cover for a mini album/book/or travel journal. Just decorate to your heart's desire. Total cost? 10 pesos.
They also have a huge assortment of canvas bags. The smallest one can probably double as a lunch bag. while the biggest one resembles my GH Bass Canvas tote. Apply some gesso, use some medium on a pic, and make a photo transfer. Ngek, too bad this idea didn't make it on time for Christmas presents this year.

A heart wreath for 30 pesos, with some stars, and a silhoutte of a clown. This heart wreath would be perfect for Valentines, if I ever get around to it.
And this house, I got from the talipapa on Dapitan Market for 100 pesos, haggling is key! They have a bunch of stuff there mostly made of wood like shelves, baskets, knick knacks. I'm still torn whether to make this a gingerbread house or a regular house.

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