Friday, December 4, 2009

My Crafting Corner

The Bunny (hubby) and I went to the Karl Edwards bazzar today at the Fort. There, I was able to purchase my slice bucket. It fits my slice perfectly. I just put bubble wrap at the bottom to protect the fragile parts.

Slice cards go to the side pockets of the bag. Best thing about the bag? The price! The bucket costs P320 pesos.

Next up, I looked for my favourite store Kahoy-An. The box on the left is actually a tea box. Maybe when I have time, I can fiddle with it, and make it into an ATC display holder or a shadow box. And the smaller cabinet to the right, currently houses my pearl-ex's. Until I figure out what to do with it. It's a buy 1 take 1 deal for 500 pesos. Who hasn't fantasized about the Making Memories embelishment center? At a retail price of $79 plus shipping cost to the Philippines, talk about an expensive dream.

Well guess what? I was able to purchase one for 750 pesos, to house my paints. I had to flip the cabinet on the wrong side up because I don't want to poke holes in my walls yet. The dowel rod on top, unfortunately cannot store my ribbons. I use the rod to organize my adhesive rolls.

And this shelf cost 200 pesos. I'm still thinking of where to attach it. Like most things in the store, they are sold in pairs. They do a buy one, take one thing. I had to wait for a customer to buy a bedside table, for us to be able to get a piece for 600 pesos. At that price, what a steal. And the saleslady took pity on me, since I was just there in her store making her kulit, and she sold me the stuff I wanted without the pairs. So happy!
I got these 12x12 ziplock bags in divi and use them to organize my papers by paper line. Most of my old papers are in the magazine keepers. The cardstocks are organized by color.
I used wallpaper with adhesive to cover my magazine keepers. I purchase these for P88 ($1.75) peso per roll at Japan Home. I used them for covering albums with ugly covers.
Notice how I have a bunch of black albums at the bottom? I got these on sale! I bought each one for 130 pesos at Booksale. You better believe I hoarded them, and just purchased page protectors for each one.
Most of the albums are empty. I just need to work fast to fill them up. The only one with lay outs in them is the fat K&CO mom bought for me, from her trip to the US.
I got this paper organizer for 150 pesos, flipped it to the side, and I use it to house my solid colored cardstocks.
Welcome to my crafting corner. A lot of people have these really cool color coordinated, and even designer looking craft rooms. Mine of is a combination of dumpster diving, and savvy shopping at the local dollar store. I got the left shelf at a Japanese thrift store for $50 or P2500 peso. I was thinking of having the entire thing painted white, but thought better of it. I have yet to attach the knobs though. And the shelf on the right was purchased in Makro for around $40.
My punchers are arranged on a wire shelf, I purchased at the hardware store for P300 pesos($6). EK puches on top, Martha punches in the middle and Fiskars at the bottom.
My current fave toy, the Slice, beside the zutter and the Big Bite. To the right, I have my wood mounted stamps to frame the wall. A bunch of my stamp cleaners in the basket. And my foam stamps on the right.
I arranged my brads, eyelets, buttons, threads and gems in their own tackle box. They are arranged by color. I can't do anything about the look of plastic, but hey it makes my life easier. Some of my scrapbook magazines.

flowers and gems

buttons, clips, pins, ball and chain

eyelets and brads
felt die cuts and ribbon

My tool bag. I've had this bag on top of maletas, on top of my weights bench, on top of the kitchen table. And finally, it now has its own home. Great for cropping on the go. No need to pack for every crop!
I keep a jam jar beside my table to catch all the smaller pieces of paper that can be used for embelishments. And if you notice that small cabinet by the jam jar, it actually opens to reveal my paints and my pearl ex. I got those cabinets in a bazaar for 250 pesos each. This is where I used to store my paints before I moved on to the bigger cabinet.

I got these metal buckets for P100 each, I should've gotten more. But the time, I got back to the store, they were already sold out. I use one to hold my tools. The other one to hold my clear stamps and the other one for my junk. I used Matryoshka dolls cut out papers and used magnets to attach them to the buckets. Makes them cuter.
On the top upper left shelf, are my chipboard albums which I have yet to use. And beside it are Basic Grey chipboard cut outs, Bazzill chips and A2z's.
On the bottom shelf, I organized my house scissors, pretty edges scissors, and then the baskets are organized by pics, journaling stuff, and ephemera. I caught that cute trick reading a magazine. By organizing your pics, journaling stuff and ephs, you pretty much have everything you need to create a lay-out.
Again, I purchased those wire baskets at Japan home for 66 pesos each. or just a little above a dollar each.

this is my desk, with the cute Mickey Sakura flowers laptop protector. My fave pic of me and Bunny on our honeymoon. My Making Memories carousel filled to the brim with pens and whatnot. I got this from Vivian of Lasting Impressions. Thanks Vivian for the great deal!! Beside i, is my sticker holder, which is actually used to hold utensils in a previous life. And in front of that is my fiskars paper trimmer with the ipod speakers.
And underneath my desk, there's my kiddie bins which stores my watercolor pencils, my homemade mists, my inks, my glues and my sanding block.

Getting organized isn't expensive. It just requires a great deal of thought. A very patient and understanding husband. Eventhough, my scrap stuff is organized, we pick our clean clothes off the hampers. Kasi the busy wife( that would be me) has no inclination for putting away our clothes.


  1. Bessie! You have A LOT OF STUFF!! What I love most about your area is that you have those cute wooden shelves! Saan ba yang store na yan? Maki sabay nga para sa buy 1 take 1! :)

  2. oo nga bessie, pinakagusto ko din yung mga wooden shelves? let us know where ha? dami mo stuff, and laki space mo ha!!! ;o)

  3. sama na rin ako, san ung store para ma arrange ko na rin ang scrap ko. ang dami mong stuff. baka ung wooden shelves lang sa akin kasya na.

  4. bessie! kainggit ka naman! I love your wooden shelves! I need one very very badly. di ko maitodo ang pag-aayos ng scraproom ko dahil I can't find a cabinet for my pps, etc. when I asked a local crafstman sa amin, china-charge ba naman ako ng 8.5k? wag na lang.

    sama kami sa iyo - as in serious ito! :)

  5. Hi Everyone!
    Here's the contact number of Kahoy-an. It's 0915 818 0927. And for the rest of the month here's their bazaar schedule. Dec 12-23 Karl Edwards International (NBC tent), Dec 18-20 Christmas Shop Expo (World Trade Center)
    They also have a website:

    The local MM embelishment center is called the Bathroom organizer retails for 750 pesos. The Medium shelf is 200 pesos, it looks like a windowsill. And the tea box x 4, and Mini cabinet is 500 pesos for the pair.

    Iris! I'll wait for you to beautify the cabinet ha. Distressed, decoupaged and Prima flowered!
    thanks for dropping by.

  6. wow, bessie dami mo stuff!!! loved those cabinets too. I have a very small one whick I got pa sa Vigan. pero di ko alam kung ano ilalagay ko sa loob e. nanghihinayang ako.

  7. shocks! mapuntahan nga yang kahoyan na yan! i bought the same cabinet (yung mini cabinet mo) at twice the price! huhuhu!

  8. Lots of stuffs :)) Very wonderful :)