Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great gifts

My sisters-in law Lynn and Liza got me 20 packs of page protectors. If you have as many empty albums as I do. Page protectors are a gift. This is the cheapest page protector I've found at around 10 pesos. The ones from the States usually average around 20 to 23 pesos. Yes ladies, now is the time to hoard. My hubby asked them to get me these. As many as they can find. Clap, clap. I love it, and appreciate the gesture.

And while my Hubby had a meeting at Robinson's. He got me this: a bag organizer from Beabi. I love their stuff. And scrapbooking stuff from the department store. As well as stuff from Daiso. How sweet right?

My embellishments organizer which I use for the brads, the eyelets and alphas is now available at the 88 peso store.

And lately I have been buying a lot of those $1 stamps. Kasi they are so cute and so darned cheap. Sure beats buying those $10 any day. And to organize them, I put them in a 4R picture album.

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