Tuesday, December 8, 2009

$1 scrap shopping

I have this fetish for visiting Japanese thrift stores. It stems from the fact that I spent time in Japan. I have lots of pictures, but I haven't even started to scrap them yet.
And so while visiting this particular store, I was able to get Filofaxes for 25 pesos, and the rest of the stuff in the picture for 50 pesos. How awesome right? Hey, if I am buying "junk" as my mom calls it. At least, it's inexpensive junk. A set of wooden stamps cost 10 pesos. Cyempre may play acting involved. "Miss, ano ito?" complete with matching innocent look? Hey, if I get it at dirt cheap prices, I might as well try my FAMAS acting skills di ba?
Downside is: I don't know what the stamps mean! I skipped out on learning Kanji or the Chinese characters, but with the simple Japanese alphabet, I get by. I'm just hoping it's not lewd or something. Haha ha. So that's what you get for being a cheapskate.

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  1. cute naman sila e. saan itong japanese thrift store na to?