Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some Me time

So a merry Christmas to you all. Our line of business is in the unusual side. My mom sells cakes, and I sell clothes. The rest of the year, we are relaxed. We can take off anytime. Yes, the perks of being self-employed. But come Christmas time and New Year's. When the rest of the world takes its vacation, we are in the weeds. Or very busy.
There was a time on the 24th when the customers were very madami. I cannot complain. But the thing is, I was dead tired on my feet. Plus the fact that I had to stay awake til midnight at my Bunny family's house.
The 25th, we had lunch at Tanabe. And we tried getting inside the Manila Aquarium. But no can do. We barely made it to the parking lot, when the family called it quits.
Me, I asked my Bunny to take me to Mall of Asia. I got a bunch of scrapbooking magazines. That made my day. I was also looking for a place called Heavenly stitchin' memories. Well, more on that later.
And I was back to work on the 26th. But the thing is. I dunno. I just needed some me time. And so a couple of texts later, we were on the way.
Beth was going to pick up her slice at Helen's. Sharon texted that there were new arrivals at Vivian's. How can we NOT go?
Before anything else, see that seagull binder/envelop on top? That is like a totally awesome solution to keeping your papers by the kit or by collection. No need to order from Joann's na. Sigh of relief. Sharon figured this one out. I think this one is available at National Bookstore.

See some of my awesome from Helen? She has tons of Martha Punches, and lots of new stamps. Not shown in the picture is the Bo Bunny Love Bandit paper. The Bella Blvd. Honey I'm Home line. Cute stuff. Totally my thing. She has Jolee's stickers. But so far, I'm lucky. I don't see the need to hoard yet.

And over at Vivian's. The Nook and Pantry line came in. I got those mouthwatering cup cakes and ice cream chipboards from her. She also has the amazing Studio Calico Home Front line. I am also so excited about those cute embelishments from Making Memories that came in. She also has some SEI travel papers and some kangaroo papers. I decided to get the Collage Press Christmas line. I didn't like it before, but now it grew on me. Go figure.
This shopping trip, totally worth all that slaving I did at the store.
And now for the good part. Shopping with friends. Beth, Sharon and I pretty much gravitate towards the same papers, the same color. Our preferences vary with stamps and with punches. Which is pretty good since we can shop for the things we like, but later on share our toys. More fun to go around.
And I guess, I am Sharon's brakes. Don't buy that, I have that. Or don't buy that, we can get that much cheaper. But knowing Sharon, she will find a way to get it. Ay naku, those MS punches gave her a sleepless night or two. Scrappers Anonymous? Oo, member na kami.
And Beth naman, we share the more expensive embelishments. Like hati kami sa box. We don't need the whole thing, just a few, ok na. I like how she's so quiet. She's going to do her project not talking the whole house down. Less talk, less mistake.
I received quite a lot of comments na I have a lot of stuff. Hmm, not really. I'm sure you closet lurkers have more. I use my stuff. And I try to come up with projects for our group to do. Justify my hoard.

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