Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy with Happy Days

I try to finish each kit before I start on another kit. I have paper all over, so I have difficulty looking for stuff I've cut already. Oh no, where did I put them? So now, I am trying to be more organized. Work faster, get more pics scrapped.
My brother and cutie Corinne
My hubby and me in HK Disney
My hubby and me in Singapore.
My hubby and me in Vietnam.
A handsome pic of my hubby in Subic.
Me and my nephews Onemig and Gab munching on a pork rind.
My niece on Stinson Beach.
Mother and Daughter.
A serious family. Not!
My nephew and me.
Such a loving pair.
Separate pics of me and my hubby.

I love this hog! He heralds good food to come in Rutherford Grill.

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