Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh what a Fun Journey

It's Holy Week, when everything in the Philippines stops for a couple of days. We reflect on the death and passion of Christ.
I don't know if any reflection is getting done in the beach, the mountain tops, but everybody hies out off town.
Great couple of days for crafting. I was able to get most of the tags done in an afternoon. Doable.
Looking forward to class.
I did not have the glossy paper, the kraft resist paper, the felt stamping cloth, and some of the metallic alcohol inks. So I skipped the days when they did those.
Day 2
Messing around with distress inks
Day 5
playing around with distress inks as a mistand and as a colorant. I cheated. I used distress stains ink with a sakura aqua brush, and brushed that on. I used tattered angels for my mist.

Day 7
As a resist. Full on cover. Embossing as you pile on colors.

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