Monday, April 2, 2012


Before I clean up, I finished three days of the Tim class. Yay! Not all of the tags, but some of them that I think will not require too much effort.
So today is paint day. Used crackle paint on the first, some snow cap dabber on the second and rock candy on the third.
Happy with how tags 1 and 2 came out. Not happy with the third one. I think my rock candy croaked on me. We have uneven covering of the die cut. Plus the stains did not really penetrate the cracks. So total failure on the third tag.
Day 8

Day 9 is perfect pearls. On the first tag we put enough perfect pearls that it actually looks like blotches of paint. Marbling effect on the first tag as well. And on the second tag we used distress stain like embossing ink, it held unto the perfect pearls. Nice effect! Same stamp, two ways.

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