Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Kindle Case

I used to have this totally cool Kindle case, with my Kindle Keyboard.  It had this chargeable light, so you can read without straining your eyes.
I lost my Kindle Keyboard with the fly case.

So last year, I purchased the Kindle Paperwhite, and put off buying a case.
So after looking at some DIY sites on the internet, I decided to make my own.

 I bought this 40 pesos book in Booksale.  It needs to be hardbound.  I was looking for a Bobsey Twins book or a Hardy Boys one.  Those also work.  A nod to the books I used to read in Grade School.

I totally lucked out.  The inner book cover was even more amazing.

Just remove the inner pages by using a craft knife.

Since I injured the spine,  I just used some cloth tape from 7 Gypsies.  So pretty.

I attached some velcro strips to my kindle and attached it to the book cover using some Terrifically Tacky Tape.

I also purchased one of those elastic headbands for 11 pesos.  And just used a glue gun to attach it to the the cover.  

Awesome.  My Kindle case for 51 pesos or $1.25.  How cool is that?

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