Saturday, January 5, 2013

All Excited

I took an Iris class this morning.  We made five beautiful lay outs  from different Webster's paper collections.

A cool picture with the sponge like  stones in Beijing.

My beautiful nieces.

A picture with my BFF's from high school.  Through thick and thin.  But it looks like through thick though.  Guffaw!

Lost in translation.

My family pic from a decade ago.

We used beautiful trims from Webster's.  We also used Vintaj on metal findings.  O wow.
And we used a mixture of modeling paste and gesso on masks.  And used that mixture to stamp.
We also used a new medium.  Pan Pastels.  Definitely the toys are piling up.
And this class...washi tape galore.  Beautiful pastel colored buttons.
How do I breeze through the class?  I batch process.  Sitting beside me is no picnic.  If I have to do some of your stuff, then better be prepared to do some of my work as well.  
Scrapbooking in my case is a dictatorship.  But hey,  we all finish.  We just finish waay ahead of you.

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