Saturday, December 1, 2012

Puppy Love

   My Chow and my Chihuahua.  Love.   
         My chow Kaki was born in California.  She hates baths,  and only takes them  twice a year.
    She does not smell.  She is a constant scrap companion, choosing to always lay by my feet.
   She loves Siomai, KFC  and goes nuts for Beggin' Bacon.  My brother had to put her sleeping pill inside her siomai so she could board her PAL flight to Manila.
   She roared at the people inspecting her kennel at the local airport and skipped on quarantine.  Maybe it had to do with her snapping teeth at them.
  Piccolo is a recent addition to our doggie family.  He is about 4 months old.  So kulit.
  I know and love each of my canine family.  So it comes to no surprise that I fell in love with little guy too.
A card made by Dr. Sharon Chua using a Sizzix die from Memory Lane store.  She used a Sharpie marker for the eyes and nose.  And also used a cute little clay flower as an accent.  
Dr. Sharon is such a pro at making cards.  In the same way that Karen Filipino is good at distressing things and loves all things Tim.  
Thanks Jeanie David for appreciating each one of us.  And realizing that each one of has incredible talents and gifts.

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