Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas in the City

  Full disclosure.  I've owned my bind it all for the last 3 or so years.  But I've never mastered using it.  I usually beg friends to bind my album for me.  Because I seem to miss the learning curve.
  Every time, I have to use it,  I have to watch a tutorial on youtube.  Apparently all I needed to learn how to use it is a lot of practice.
  I purchased index cards from National Bookstore for less than 30 pesos for 100 pcs.  But each book I make only has 50 pages.    I made covers from chipboard and covered them with papers.
  I hand cut my birds using a Maya Road template. Painted it gold, and for the wing, I put some glue and dunked it in Mica flakes.
  Flowers, Flowers, a bit of trim.  And Voila!  Now I have tokens for people whose kindness has touched me this year.

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