Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beth's Book of Treasures

I first met Beth at Scrapfest 2007, I think. It's a while back. I only got addicted to Scrapbooking last year. Every time, I would bump into her at an event. She always a ready greeting for me.

For lack of a better description, we only truly talked at the first ScrapJam in Alabang.
Gosh, travelling all the way to Alabang just for love of the craft. It was in this Scrapjam, I sat beside Imee, and Sharon.
At the Scrapjam in Clark, I got to reconnect with Imee, Jeanie, Beth, and met some new ones. Betchay and Mommy Rosie. After last year's scrapjam, I was invited to join their scrapping group.
Beth was part of the group. She always sat beside Jeanie and even if she was friendly, she didn't say much.
I don't know how it happened. But next thing you know, we became shopping buddies. Seatmates. Friends.
Gosh, I would remember the three of us: You, me and Sharon taking three cars in the middle of a work day. Going from Vivian's store to Helen's store via Sharon's shortcut. Treating the streets of San Juan like Le Mans. Or having lunch at the steak store by the gas station.
Beth is the type of person who would text you back, and say that she wanted to go back to Helen's to get some Santa Stamps. Even if we just went this morning.
Or how, Beth is just a text away when you have a great shopping deal. I'll just hear from her na she went to the store already. She is so sipag, and quite fast.
At our meetings, she would express excitement at a cute embelishment. Eager to try out the next technique.
We have been taking classes with Iris for the past couple of weeks. She would work quietly, and she would just amaze you with how well she would execute the project.
To know Beth is to know that she is a passionate person. She loves her daughter. She loves her family. She loves Scrapbooking. Beth simply loves.

Beth never utters a bad thing about another person. She is good that way. And if you have a bad thing to say, she will just listen quietly and just shrug it off.
I regret that I didn't get to know you better. I never got to know your dreams in life.
As you view each page of Beth's book of treasures. You will see the people important in her life. You will see the amount of work she lovingly put into each page. Each page is telling of who she is. A talented person who deeply loves.
I will miss you my friend. I will miss your company. Your laughter. Your zest for life.
We lay to rest our dream of scrapping in Thunderbirds resort at Poro Point. While the men are off to play golf.

As we view this page, we realize that you are full of surprises. Your page has humor.

As you soar into the heavens, I know that you are happy. You have made our lives richer, by being in it.
We love you and we will never forget.

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