Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun at the Scrapbuffet!

So how do you make 20 lay outs? By pacing yourself. Knowing what you want. Being less of a control freak. Just having fun. Please moderate your expectations. A picture, a title and some journaling. My simple LO's.

Love in Motion
Right before the wedding, we took a break. We rode the bikes, go peds, scooters, Harley Davidson big bikes, pick up trucks. A kalesa, helicopter and a chartered plane. I loved every moment I spent with you.

HCM HoChiMinh
Unordinary tourists
travel buddies
May 2009

My son, Kaya, Ika, Keiku, and Kaki
Hotdogs and milk breakfasts
Adobo and Bistik for lunch
Meatballs for dinner
We are family.

Cute Girl
Oh how you loved playing with the balloons!

Sitting by the fountains, at the back of the Opera Hall
Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Girls
28 June to 2 July
A free trip to Vietnam with mom, Mama, Mommy Tessie, tita Beth,
tya Lily and Tya Mercy.


Our first family trip together.
Summer in Vietnam.
We just had dinner at the Barbecue Garden
and simply just had to walk off the calories!

Spending quality time with Yohji and Leanne
What a perfect summer day at the beach.

Sweaty lovebirds, nevertheless
still having fun.

Vietnam Rose
It was a tiring day walking HCM,
We were both tired and sweaty.
But still all smiles

Twinkling Eyes
The look of love. I love you from the button of my heart.

Be Creative
You were so frustrated by the slow pace of the boys walking down the aisle. You simply had to overtake the ring bearer and the arrhae bearer!

Fall in love!
Falling off the go ped.
Our pictorial with Eddieboy

Limited Edition
Corinne and Uncle Bunny

Fun times at the petting zoo.

You were so enamored with the rabbits, the turkey, the monkeys and the fish!

So Tweet.

This was your first time as a flower girl.

So cute!

Koi girls

You've always loved staring at the fishes.

and I love spending time with you.

Scrapping Birds...flock together.

A recipe for a perfect day:

Food, lay-outs, scrap buffet, Studio Azul

Unblue? Unglued?

Having fun with Leanne and Yohji at Montemar

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