Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've always been fascinated with Scrapbooking. At first it was the papers that lured me. Great colors,patterns. But putting flowers, writing with colored pens, glitters, and cutting up pictures seemed totally off for me. Until I joined this group of lovely ladies who really know how to make pieces of paper into art. I've joined scraps, and jams, and have thus far succeeded in shopping for another hobby. But not really doing something with it. But hey, my mom is thrilled with my tools box and the applications she can do with them. At least one of us is having some fun.
My intent is really to scrapbook for the baby. Oh you know, the baby that we don't have yet. So hopefully when the baby arrives, I'll be better at it by then. I've always been hesitant to cut my papers, baka baduy, baka the colors don't go together. Am I doing it right? I hated the feeling of imminent failure (yes, only in my psyche).
After spending so much money and not doing anything, I just about called it quits. I saw that Merry Jane had these awesome kits in her blog. She had a birthday kit and a Saturday get together kit. It seemed fun. I never made it to any of her crops. Anyway, I just asked her if she can make a kit for me. She said yes, I deposited money in her bank account, around 2k /$40, she sent me the kit thru courier to the house. And this is what I got:

16 pcs of patterned papers, cut outs Ah, I'm not really certain of what you call them, but just look at what came in the box ha. The papers and the embellishments all color coordinate. So it saves me the hassle of thinking pa if it goes together. Just to let you know that all the materials used in the following projects came from the kit, except for the brads. 2 chipboard albums, rings, ribbons, blings, flowers, journaling stuff,adhesive chipboard letters, buttons, diamond glaze (whazit for? I dunno. Donuts?) One of the things that made me happy with the kit, is the pizza box it came in. You see, I am lazy when it comes to cleaning up. So when it is time to quit, I just slide them all back in the box, scraps, trash and all. And store it away. I am half-way done with the kit, and this is what I have done so far:

A Hearts mini book

Tree mini book



Be Mine

Hongkong Stars




I tot a taw a puttytat

Ninja Tortol

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