Saturday, July 14, 2012

Karen's lay outs

Karen made me these amazing lay outs from the kit I made her.

One of the things I hardly use at all, are screens!

So yup, I added a couple of those in each kit.

     I like the Graphic 45 papers,  but it's not my style.  But Karen, certainly made it work.
Beautiful lay out.
              I also tossed in some loud Sassafrass papers.  Not my type.  But again, she made a beautiful Christmas lay out.

She used like a ton of paper punches on this paper.  Thanks, and I appreciate the work you put into this one.

Wow!  This one is truly romantic.  

I love this lay out.  It tells a wonderful story.  Do you see my holding up a picture,  that's the before.  And the current picture is the after.  Still together after 30+ years.

Simple but well put together.

A beautiful lay out of my niece and nephew.

I am totally sold on kits.  It challenges you to use papers that are not your type. It makes you use techniques.  As with the beautiful lay outs made by Karen, these just made her shine!


  1. Bessie the layout with all the punches is the one I used the Distress Markers on. :) Thanks for posting them. Will see if I can add more layouts. Still have your kit at home. :)