Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kit Swap

Best Idea Ever.
Most of us hoard papers.
Know a scrapper who doesn't hoard paper?

So Karen and Ime have this brilliant idea.
We all swap kits, complete with paper, embellishments.
Anything you can throw inside a kit.
Minimum of 4 lay outs each.
Deadline is December.

I love it.
Karen gave me twenty sheets of paper.  I had to add my own cardstock.  
I don't mind since I get to play with her papers, trims and screens.
Karen even gave me carte blanche by not providing any pictures.
They are so fun and easy to make.
She will just put pictures, titles and journaling.
I started making her lay outs yesterday.

I've already finished 7 lay outs,  and still excited about making more.
I have yet to add stamping and misting.

I think I can do a kit a week.  I just need to pace myself and not get overwhelmed.

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