Saturday, November 26, 2011

To Sleep

Well, it's midnight. I am supposed to be sleeping. But so far sleep has eluded me. So, I scrapped.
My hubby found pictures from our engagement. I thought they were lost for good, but now these little treasures are being put into lay outs. So yay!

Using a sketch by Iris. This picture was taken during my brother's engagement party or in Tagalog, pamamanhikan.

My friends and I have this long standing tradition. For our exchange gift during Christmas, we pass on our unused scrap stuff. Because by Christmas, we are always out of budget! Good to know that I am not that inundated with stuff. I mostly have papers and tools. I only have a basketfull of embelishments. So yes, I am in a good place. Next year, I plan on making more lay outs. And here's the clincher, to keep track of how many I make.

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