Friday, July 29, 2011

Frugal Scrapbooking

Dos Amigos

Bunny and Me

I sometimes think twice about getting scrapbook kits. Why? It's sometimes just cheaper to just get the paper. Embellies, I have a lot. I am not picky. Like right now, there is a sale in all National Bookstores. You can pick up All About scrapbooking trims for 20 pesos. Brads usually go for 9 pesos. And there are also wooden embellies you can get for 5 pesos. At those prices, they are practically giving them away.
Baba Baby

So as usual, I saved 900 pesos, by not getting the kit. I bought a stamp and a couple of templates for the same amount. I still think of it as a win win situation.
My Father in Law and me
If you can pick out which ones I copied from Iris' lay out, and which ones I made on my own. Let's call them Bessie's originals, I will give you a prize. I have a couple of BH&G Scrapbooking magazines up for grabs. Just leave a comment.


Daddy's Girl


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