Thursday, May 5, 2011

echo park be mine x mm je t' adore

I love love Echo Park's Be Mine Collection. The whole collection is just right for my wedding pictures moulding in the shoe box. Yay! Fun fun papers, and they go so well with all my Valentine themed papers. Every year, Making Memories comes out with Valentines papers, I just hoard those. Because I usually skip out on Halloween papers and Christmas ones too.

As you can see, we have been quite productive. That's what you get when fueled by a Large Okinawa with pearl and pudding sinkers.


  1. WOW! Tama ba bilang ko? Twenty-six LOs! Amazing...Bessie, grabe! Lalo akong na-insecure sa kabagalan ko! LOL!

    Stay scrappinpretty,
    Mommy Lil

  2. Hi Mommy Lil! Wait till you get a load of how many we were able to do with For the Record. Productive kami noh? We miss our Miss OC.

  3. Hi Bessie! Super kaka inspire. Gagawin ko din yung for the record. It was also nice to meet you knina :-) -Peachy Moraleda