Sunday, September 13, 2009

latest projects

together - vivo city, singapore 2007

Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand.
It's hard to imagine that a couple of years earlier that it looked so much different after the killer tsunami.

the girls of NYC
Katcho interned in New York for the summer. I came to help her pack and move back to St. Louis. She worked during the day time, while I went sight seeing. Nights were usually spent dining out with watching broadway musicals. It was a stolen moment, before we got married.
This picture was taken when Katcho and I had lunch with Tita Thelma in the city.

My best friend
Taken at the coca-cola store in Las Vegas.

I just moved all my scrap kalat from the downstairs bedroom into the upstairs dressing room. It was getting to be makalat, when Bunny could no longer sit on the sofa. I do most of my scrapping on the sofa while watching/listening to tv. Well, now. I scrap in front of the computer. And before I go to sleep I either read a book or watch tv.

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